We’re sure you’ve heard the expression, a picture is worth a thousand words or the power of the pen. While this might be true, if you were to read those thousand words, you would be far closer to understanding the picture’s true meaning. There is nothing more engaging than an article that is written well. In fact, regardless of how interesting your story might be, if it isn’t written with a consistent point of view, proper grammar, in the correct voice, clarity and tone, then readers will quickly put it aside.

We’ve helped many freelance writers and companies tell their stories with professional and powerful writing, and it’s something we at DBZ Media pride ourselves on. Let us help you tell your best story, the way you want your story told.
Let's face it, writing is hard. And depending on the phase your book is in, ghostwriting can be a wonderful way to add more perspective and talent into your writing. In short, it is basically handing the reigns of your story to someone else, giving them permission to write sections or chapters of your tale, the way they perceive it. Every writer is familiar with the dreaded middle of the book, and how it can be a real drag to your story, and a bad beginning, middle, or end can really ruin a great book.

Allow us to save you from writer’s block and give your book a fresh set of eyes to take it to the next level. We offer this service to our clients and have helped many of them perfect their short stories and books. We are especially enthusiastic when writing fantasy and science fiction.

Remember, not every book needs a ghostwriter, however, every book could use one.